Retail Institute launches NextGenLab for retail

Retail Institute has decided to launch a new project called NextGenLab, dedicated to implementing innovative retail solutions. Our purpose is to establish a program which will offer real support to companies in the process of development of innovations and will initiate dynamic changes.

NextGenLab in a specific-purpose program for the retail sector. The Strategic Council of Retail Institute and participants in the project will determine the guidelines and scope of future solutions by defining the areas which require new approach and solutions. At the present stage, we have more questions than answers and for this reason NextGenLab starts with a round of meetings called “from a different perspective”, dedicated to understanding needs and requirements of shopping center tenants, discovering their strategies, plans and aspirations that will drive changes in retail buildings.

Meetings “from a different perspective” will be held on a regular basis before noon and will be dedicated to managers of shopping centers and retail chains. They will provide an opportunity to gain plenty of know-how, information and inspirations to have a fresh perspective on the retail sector through the lens of key tenants and brands with global strategies. Among representatives of shopping centers and retail chains only, we will discuss important and key aspects of retail development in Poland.

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