Traffic analysis for shopping centers

Following discussion with the shopping centers involved in projects and events of Retail Institute (RI), a new initiative to create a weekly traffic analysis tool for key shopping centers came to the fore.

Today, Retail Institute, together with more than 130 shopping centers, analyzes the shopping center traffic taking into consideration three main parameters which affect footfall: shopping center size, location and type of offer. Using FF ReIndex reports, we may analyze on an ongoing basis, once a week, the effect of the Sunday trade ban on the results and advise companies on their development strategy.

These reports do not clarify, however, which sectors drive the shopping center footfall and why a large number of key shopping centers has been recording a decline in visits to units located on their premises. To what extent such phenomena are related to specific features of a retail chain rather than changing habits and behavior of shopping center customers? We studied this issue in detail and carried out in-depth discussions among 30 companies and came to a conclusion that traffic analyses may constitute an important source of information about directions of retail development.

We extend our invitation to shopping center willing to work with Retail Institute on a permanent basis. In particular, we look forward to working with representatives of the fashion sector as well as services and entertainment, coffee shops and restaurants. A company willing to work with RI undertakes to deliver systematic reports, every Monday, with weekly and daily number of visits:

  • to premises located on the entire Polish territory
  • to e-store; and number of e-commerce transactions (optional but recommended)

For more information:

We look forward to working with business operating in technology markets, whose solutions may be implemented in retail chains not having customer counter systems.