Retail Institute supports Prometeusz Foundation for Seniors

Retail Institute supports Prometeusz Foundation for Seniors
The Management Board of Retail Institute decided to work with the “Prometeusz dla Seniorów” Foundation. For many year, the Foundation has been providing assistance to the elderly, the poor, the sick, and the lonely – those who have been treated by fate most cruelly. Today, the „Prometeusz dla Seniorów” Foundation helps more than two hundred seniors. In many cases, the Foundation pays for their medicines, rent, and charges and assist seniors in their daily shopping. A pension of 700 or 800 zlotys is not sufficient to cover basic needs of many seniors.

Retail Institute has undertaken to support the Foundation by organizing a charity event “200 packages for Seniors” to collect food and donations on the premises of Sadyba Best Mall in Warsaw.

During the event Retail Institute collects:

  • dried food with long expiry date
  • coffee, tea, cocoa
  • soup in carton packages (Christmas Eve beet soup, mushroom soup etc.)
  • instant meals in a jar
  • canned fish
  • pasta, groats, rice, sugar, powder milk, oil
  • sweets (cakes, chocolate, biscuits etc.)
  • canned (preserved) fruit and vegetables
  • nuts and raisins
  • small kitchen appliances
  • candles / Christmas decoration

and household chemicals, necessity products (washing detergent, dishwashing liquid, cleaning detergent, soap, shampoo, deodorant, etc.)

Most packages are distributed to Seniors before Christmas and Easter. During the year, the Foundation prepares 10 food packages per week on average for those in the greatest need. In other words, the charity event lasts all year round! If you would like to contribute, please contact us.

We would like to express our gratitude to the companies which have supported the “200 packages for Seniors” event so far:
IMS Media Services
Klepierre Management Polska
Sadyba Best Mall
Multi Development Polska
Immofinanz Polska
Carrefour Polska
Gino Rossi
TK Development
White Star
BerlinHyp AG