Rebranding of Retail Institute

After almost 6 months, Retail Institute has completed its rebranding which gave the organization a modern and distinctive look. The Institute, which was founded less than three years ago, has gained a new name, logo, and website as well as an application and platform for the benchmark program, ReIndex and RTI.

“Rebranding means not only a change of the logotype and elements by which a company is visually identified. In fact, the most important remains unseen. The endeavor is a result of strategic changes in the entire organization, which seeks its own identity, distinctive features and space for further development. Rebranding was an opportunity to reinvent the role and vision of RI development from the scratch. Attributed features and values, which make up the DNA of the organization, reflect our personality and aspirations and allow us and our partner companies to identify with the organization we are developing,” said Anna Szmeja, President of RI.

Retail Institute is a center of dialogue, research and analysis as well as an excellent venue for discussions among retail industry experts. This is the reason why the new look of the organization underlines know-how and experience of experts and partner companies involved in its development. Clear layout of the new website allows the users to easily navigate through a vast range of services and projects of the Institute. The contents alternate with photos to give an impression of a boutique-like and unconventional website.

The rebranding was fully designed by ARPI Network and Michał Korolec Design Studio.