NextGenLab – innovations for retail

Retail Institute (RI) has decided to launch a new project called NextGenLab, dedicated to finding and implementing innovative retail solutions. Our purpose is to establish a program which will offer real support to companies in the process of development of innovations.

The biggest challenge of the retail sector is the ability to keep up with dynamic social an cultural changes stimulated by such phenomena as new technologies, omnipresent mobile devices, social media and digitalization. NextGenLab is an original project of Retail Institute which provides support to shopping centers and retailers in the process of implementation of innovative changes, as well as to innovation and technology companies by matching proposed solutions to their business needs and implementing them.

We would like to invite you to actively participate in the program, whose aim is to promote retail innovations.

NextGenLab activities involve:

  • gathering companies and professionals willing to develop ideas promoting commercial-service-entertainment space which is smart, multifunctional, urban and adapted to the needs and aspirations of customers;
  • creating a platform to exchange know-how, experience and information – without education there is no progress or change;
  • supporting the idea of “Smart Retail in Smart Cities” by helping businesses evolve into innovators and use the potential of current social, demographic, cultural and technological changes;
  • promoting best solutions, technologies and ideas that share the philosophy behind NextGenLab;
  • helping to make use of the synergy among companies, solutions and ideas by gathering elite promoters of innovation;
  • supporting technology companies, not only start-ups, in order to match solutions to the needs and requirements of businesses operating in the retail sector. The best solution are promoted and commercialized according to our joint strategy.

Between 2018 and 2022 we will focus on the following:

  • Solutions promoting synergy between traditional retail and e-commerce
  • Financial and payment systems, including loyalty programs and gift cards
  • Big Data, algorithms, solutions such as artificial intelligence, automated sales and marketing processes
  • Logistics and warehouse management, including solutions to shorten delivery time to customer at its last stage
  • Environmental-friendly solutions
  • SMART Management systems for commercial real properties
  • All factors which affect sales results and create positive shopping experience, such as lighting, sound system, aromamarketing, VM, quality of service, etc.
  • Solutions which help better understand profiles and needs of customers and prepare personalized products and services
  • (…) and all of them are good!

Personalizing the offer according to individual company needs:
Anna Szmeja, President,