We work with businesses operating in technology markets to support commercialization and implementation of innovations in shopping centers, retail chains and modern office buildings

About the project




Retail Institute (RI) has decided to launch a new project called NextGenLab, dedicated to finding and implementing innovative retail solutions. Our purpose is to establish a program which will offer real support to companies in the process of development of innovations.

The biggest challenge of the retail sector is the ability to keep up with dynamic social an cultural changes stimulated by such phenomena as new technologies, omnipresent mobile devices, social media and digitalization. NextGenLab is an original project of Retail Institute which provides support to shopping centers and retailers in the process of implementation of innovative changes, as well as to innovation and technology companies by matching proposed solutions to their business needs and implementing them.

NextGenLab activities involve:

  • gathering companies and professionals willing to develop ideas promoting commercial-service-entertainment space which is smart, multifunctional, urban and adapted to the needs and aspirations of customers;
  • creating a platform to exchange know-how, experience and information – without education there is no progress or change;
  • supporting the idea of “Smart Retail in Smart Cities” by helping businesses evolve into innovators and use the potential of current social, demographic, cultural and technological changes;
  • promoting best solutions, technologies and ideas that share the philosophy behind NextGenLab;
  • helping to make use of the synergy among companies, solutions and ideas by gathering elite promoters of innovation; 
  • supporting technology companies, not only start-ups, in order to match solutions to the needs and requirements of businesses operating in the retail sector. The best solution are promoted and commercialized according to our joint strategy.

Between 2018 and 2022 we will focus on the following:

  • Solutions promoting synergy between traditional retail and e-commerce
  • Financial and payment systems, including loyalty programs and gift cards
  • Big Data, algorithms, solutions such as artificial intelligence, automated sales and marketing processes
  • Logistics and warehouse management, including solutions to shorten delivery time to customer at its last stage
  • Environmental-friendly solutions
  • SMART Management systems for commercial real properties
  • All factors which affect sales results and create positive shopping experience, such as lighting, sound system, aromamarketing, VM, quality of service, etc. 
  • Solutions which help better understand profiles and needs of customers and prepare personalized products and services
  • (…) and all of them are good!

DNA Group

DNA Group is an advertising agency that has been operating at the market for almost 20 years now. DNA Group deals with complex building and implementation of marketing, advertising and event strategies.
Over the years the agency has gained extensive experience in cooperation with Shopping Centers, cooperating with Galleries all over Poland, not only at the level of events but also at preparing strategies, key visuals or crisis solutions in the field of PR.

Metro Properties

METRO PROPERTIES sp. z o.o. is a real estate company, part of the international METRO A.G. which manages more than 840 facilities in 30 countries. Our polish portfolio includes nine shopping centers, four retail parks and one office facility, in total we have over 450,000 m2 of GLA under our care. Over eight hundred tenants have placed their trust in us, and more than 60 million clients annually visit a facility managed by us.

Since 1996, METRO PROPERTIES sp. z o.o. has provided professional property management and investment service. Responsible for the strategic development, planning, construction, rental and sale/purchase of real estate. The core of METRO PROPERTIES sp. z o.o. work is the management of shopping centers. Our innovative and responsible approach to projects via solutions geared to local conditions, allows us to realize our goals of progressively increasing the value of our real estate.

Stary Browar

Stary Browar in Poznań is a contemporary shopping centre and an authentic centre of culture and education. Visitors can shop in more than 200 stores, dine well, interact with art and great design and take part in numerous workshops and events, such as concerts, shows or meetings with interesting people.

Art in Stary Browar is defined not only by sculptures, installations or great architecture present here, but also by the new true urban experience: the art of buying, selling and creating. Stary Browar is a unique, living centre of the city, visited by 9 million people a year. It is a place abounding in true and inspiring stories created by everyone who crosses its brick thresholds. Everyday.


IMS S.A. was established in the year 2000, initiating in Poland the provision of modern services in the field of sensory marketing. It operates in the media and modern technology segment where uses methods that help effectively create and build a positive atmosphere at a point of sale. IMS delivers modern marketing solutions in sensory marketing and new media at a point of sale, including the following services:

Audio marketing – preparing music formats and production, broadcasting of audio advertisements. IMS proposes solutions dedicated for stores and places, where atmosphere is a clue for creating image and brand identity.
Digital Signage – covers production and broadcasting of advertisements as well as image and information content on such media as e.g. LED screens located in shopping centres. IMS propoposes complex service based on original technology platform, which combines the information message with interaction and entertainment. It’s a modern form of marketing that is an alternative to boring, static visualization of billboards, posters or banners.
Scent marketing – activities in this area include creation of individual scents and fragrances with focus on the brand image and the place of sale. It’s a kind of art, to use scent as a form of reaching a customer.
Due to modern look at marketing, places which uses IMS services are are perceived as prestigious and full of positive atmosphere.

Since 2015, IMS S.A. is quoted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.


NEC Display Solutions is one of the world market leaders with the most comprehensive product portfolio of display, projector and LED solutions. The display product portfolio ranges from entry-level to professional and speciality desktop LCDs, via large-size Public Displays for Digital Signage and touch displays and color applications displays.

The Projector range offers products for all needs, from portable devices via business and education projectors, 3D projectors to products for permanent operation and digital cinema projectors. Display solutions portfolio is completed by LED systems for indoor and outdoor installation. is a leader in business communication for the RETAIL market in Poland. Our media reach the management boards of the largest retail space tenants, online stores and shopping centers in Poland and CEE.

Evigo support the shopping centers leasing process, develop communication channels for shopping centers and their tenants. is also the publisher of the website such as and the Shopping Center Poland Magazine. Evigo is the organizer of Shopping Center Forum CEE Exhibition & Conference - the largest meeting of the shopping center market in the CEE region. is addressed to the professionals of the shopping center market: tenants, developers and investors as well as suppliers of modern services and technologies for the retail market.