Drugstores and perfumeries – further development of retail industry through lens of leaders


Poland is the sixth biggest cosmetics market in Europe. It’s value is estimated at 23 billion zlotys and its expansion rate is one of the highest in Europe. Polish cosmetics are already exported to 160 countries, placing Poland close behind the leaders: France and Italy. The demand for premium products in all segments of the cosmetics market is on the rise, both among mass customers as well as those looking for bio and niche products. With advertisements’ long-standing promotion of beauty and health, Instagram and Youtube celebrities shaping tastes and preferences of millions of women, and more and more often men, turnover of cosmetics manufacturers has gone up worldwide.

How to use development potential of the cosmetics industry in Poland? What are the trends and phenomena observed by the leaders of perfumeries and drugstores in Poland, i.e. Douglas, Sephora, and Rossman? What is the response of Hebe, which is catching up with the leaders? What are the chances of niche brands to flourish in such competitive environment? What changes in the health and beauty segment may bring the nearest future?